“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”

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Family Division

Family Division Genesis 21:8-14      Our story today is a story of two families; two families in conflict. Whenever we speak of family we touch a nerve. The Lord has so designed life that who we are and how we feel are more affected by our family than anything else on...

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A Glorious Feast in a Desolate Place

Matt 14:13-21 “A Glorious Feast in a Desolate Place” I recently read an excellent definition of maturity. Maturity is coming to terms with the limits and weaknesses of others, and with myself. Another way of saying this is that idealism this side of heaven is for...

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Elijah, John and You

Elijah, John and You (Matthew 14:1-12)      We are in the section of the Book of Matthew we may entitle “growing rejection.” Ministry is not going as some might have expected for the Lord Jesus. The religious leaders of Israel are bent on murdering Jesus. The crowds...

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The Unforgivable Sin

The Unforgivable Sin Matt. 12:22-32 The kingdom of Jesus is a kingdom of wonderful and free grace. Though all people are sinners who deserve God's eternal punishment, the gospel of Christ is offered to all sinners and his gospel can atone for and wash away every sin....

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Legalism Exposed

Matt 12:1-14      “Legalism Exposed”     The longer the people watched Jesus, the more he surprised them. Most did not understand why Jesus ate and drank with notorious sinners. What shocked the people the most was not who Jesus befriended, but who he condemned....

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A Confusing Passage Explained

A Confusing Passage Explained Matt 11:7-14        Our passage is one of those passages you read it and ask, “what in the world is this about?” This is one of those passages where a little knowledge of Greek and some knowledge of Jewish thinking in the first century...

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God’s Unlikely Choice

God's Unlikely Choice Matt. 10:1-4        Let’s begin with the number twelve. Why was it important that there be twelve apostles? The number twelve was important because the twelve apostles correspond with the twelve tribes of Israel. The heads of the twelve tribes of...

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Dr. Todd Bordow

Dr. Todd Bordow

Minister at Rio Rancho Orthodox Presbyterian Church

The Rev. Todd S. Bordow received his MDiv. from Westminster Seminary California in 1996 and his Doctor of Ministry from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. In 1998 he was ordained as a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Todd and his wife Cheryl were married in 1986 and have five children.

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