Joseph as a Type of Christ



                                                    Type – Joseph                                 Antitype – Jesus


Beloved son of his father             Gen 37:3                                           Mark 1:11


Hated without a cause                   Gen 37:4                                           John 15:25


Though lowly, promised to reign

over his brothers                           Gen 37:5-7                                       Luke 1:29-33


Sent by his father, but rejected

by his brothers                               Gen 37:14-24                                   John 1:11


Suffered punishment for sin

he didn’t commit                           Gen 39                                             I Pet 2:21-24


Raised out of prison by

miracle of God                               Gen 40                                             Matt 28:1-6


Exalted to the right hand

of the king, given authority                                                                   Matt 28:19&20

over the kingdom                           Gen 41                                             Phil 2:9-11


Offered forgiveness to those

that sought his life                         Gen 45:1-15                                     Acts 2:37-41


Became the provider of

bread for his people                       Gen 47:11                                       John 6:27-35


Man’s evil used to

accomplish salvation                     Gen 50:20                                       Acts 2:22-24




Joseph                      Jesus


Earthly                     Heavenly

Local                         Universal

Temporary               Eternal


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