Church Officers in the Kingdom of God

I.   Three-fold work of God the king

A.   Spiritual Food – Pastors

B.   Spiritual Rule  – Elders

C.   Physical Provision  –  Deacons

II.         Christ is our minister (spiritual food), elder (spiritual rule), and deacon (physical provision)

III.     General office of believers

A.  Supply spiritual food  – Rom 15:14

B.  Supply spiritual rule – Gal 6:1

C.  Supply physical provision – James 2:15&16

IV.     Special office

A.  Spiritual food – pastor

1.)   John 21:15

2.)   I Tim 4:13-16

B.  Spiritual rule – elders

1.)   Rom 12:8

2.)   I Thess 5:12

C.  Physical provision – deacons

1.)   Acts 6:1-7

2.)   I Tim 5:9

V.     Things to remember

  1. The church functions only when general officers (the whole body) and special officers are fulfilling their callings.
  2. Do not place offices in a hierarchy – the deacons are crucial to the  ministry of Christ.
  3. Christ uses his church  – there is no plan B in Scripture
  4. The rule of the church is servant rule, as Christ gave his life in service to others.
  5. In Presbyterian Government, all believers, whether officers or not, have pastors, elders, and deacons.
  6. Do not look to men, but to Christ, who promises His presence in the ministry of church officers. In the new heavens and earth we will not need church officers.









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