American Church History


MORMONISM Some facts:  Largest denomination of Mormons – LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) Smaller groups consider LDS false church because they have strayed from original teaching of Joseph Smith. Currently estimated over 15 million Mormons worldwide,...

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The Scopes Trial

I.  Review   “The early 1920s found social patterns in chaos. Traditionalists worried that everything valuable was ending. Modernists no longer asked whether society would approve of their behavior, only whether their behavior met the approval of their intellect....

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Stuart Robinson

Stuart Robinson (1814-1881) Background:  Born in Strabane, Ireland. fourth of 5 children. Father linen merchant. Family moved to New York City 1816. Nurse dropped Stuart at 2 yrs. old – permanent disability of right arm. Family moved to Virginia. Mother died when...

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Post Civil War Christianity

I.  South A.  Dealing with destruction, elimination of slavery, awareness of defeat B.  Church buildings destroyed, many church members dead C.  30% loss of members to Methodist Church in south, 50% loss in giving D.  And yet, religion in South prospered after war 1....

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Faith of the Civil War soldier

Quotes taken from Steven Woodworth, "While God is Marching On" I.  God’s providence “Give my love to Mother, and tell her not to be uneasy about me for all things work together for good to them that are called the Children of God” (Levi Lockhart to his sister, from...

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Civil War and Religion – North vs. South

American Church History – North vs. South April 2, 1861, Baptists Church, Madison, WI. Filled to overflowing. One large section of congregation all in blue – soldiers. Service began with choir singing Star-Spangled Banner. Pastor’s son, newly enlisted – preached in...

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Church and American Revolution

“Call this war…by whatever name you may, only call it not an American Rebellion, it is nothing more or less than an Irish-Scotch Presbyterian Rebellion.” (Hessian Captain) “Presbyterianism is really at the Bottom of this whole Conspiracy.” (British colonial minister,...

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The Puritan Declension

The Puritan Declension I.   Concerns A.  Children did not share common experience of parents, commitment to cause B.  Immigration; unbelievers, Presbyterians, Baptists, Anglicans C.  Complaints about voting and citizenship rights – tolerance letters;  New England...

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