American Church History

Richard Baxter

It is unlikely there was a more controversial figure among the English Puritans than Richard Baxter (1615 -1691). After the justification controversy splintered Protestants and Roman Catholics in the 16th century, a century or so later justification controversies...

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The Great Awakening – intro

Early 18th century Mass immigration - By 1646, 18 languages along Hudson River alone Revoking of New England Charter, 1691  Anglicans and Catholics allowed to co-exist with Protestants   Right to vote based on property ownership instead of church membership The...

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The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening I.  The Old Side/ New Side responses to the Great Awaking   A.  New Side      1.  Log College – William Tenet – Bible College degree, revival preachers      2.  Emotional response – weeping, fainting and shrieking sign of Spirit’s reviving of...

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I.  Background     (with some help from Dr. Godfrey's class lecture notes) John Nelson Darby  -  (1800-1882) Attended Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Became lawyer - entered Church of England as deacon and then priest in 1825. Concerned about the purity of the...

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