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Have you ever been in a situation where someone or something wears you down to the point of giving in; a situation where someone pushes you and pushes you and pushes you; you know you shouldn’t give in, but you begin feeling the weight of the constant pressure; you...

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Psalm 63

     Psalm 63 is one of those psalms that make us feel uncomfortable when we read it. We feel uncomfortable because it is so difficult to relate to. The Psalmist reveals an intense love for God; his soul deeply longs to be with God; he is wholly committed to God even...

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Intro to I Corinthians

                                  Introduction to I Corinthians        A modern tourist visiting the ruins of Ancient Corinth will find two inscriptions of particular interest to us this morning. A monument in the ancient marketplace, or “agora,” bears this...

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Ruth Chapter 1

                                                      Ruth chapter 1                                                        From Emptiness to Fullness   Now it came about in the days when the judges governed…The fact that these words could even be written testify to...

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Ruth Chapter 2

                                                    Ruth Chapter 2                                               Ruth and Her Redeemer   Most of our modern literature and drama has discarded the use of subtlety.  Most books and movies bang us over the head with the...

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Ruth Chapter 3

                                                    Ruth chapter 3 Naomi’s Scheme We last left Naomi with the news that Boaz her kinsman had taken an interest in Ruth.  We were introduced to the concept of the Kinsman Redeemer, or Goel, in Israel. The Goel was to buy...

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Ruth Chapter 4

                                                      Ruth chapter 4 “A Child is Given”   Chapter 3 left us with two matters still unresolved. The most important, a grandson for Naomi, will be resolved at the end of the book.  But first the question of who will become...

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