Transforming or Pruning?

One could argue that the shibboleth of the American evangelical church today is the word "transform." When I peruse church websites I see promise after promise how the gospel transforms us, transforms the culture, transforms the city, etc. Sticking with personal...

What is the last section of the Book of Acts all about?

Luke will spend last third of the Book of Acts, chapters 21-28, chronicling the Apostle Paul’s voyage to Rome.  This raises an important question as to the purpose of this.  Why does Luke, who has previously recorded 20 years or so of Paul’s missionary travels, devote...

Church should be boring

Church should be boring If the cross of Christ is foolishness to those perishing (I Cor. 1:18), shouldn't a worship service be the most boring thing imaginable to those the Spirit is not bringing to Christ or has not already brought to Christ? Either the simple truths...

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