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What Did Jesus Really Say About Divorce?:

An Alternative Interpretation of Matthew 5:31&32 and Its Implications for Counseling Troubled Marriages in the Church

by Todd Bordow


For many Christians it is a forgone conclusion that there are only two reasons, or exceptions, that the Bible allows for divorce; desertion and adultery. A careful study of scripture, as well as how the church has understood divorce throughout its history, reveals that may not be the case. By approaching the Bible as a unified whole on the issue of divorce, as well as considering the application of the Bible’s teaching on divorce throughout church history, Dr. Bordow challenges the traditional view of the two exceptions. Dr. Bordow also offers a model for counseling troubled marriages based on the Scriptures and many years of pastoral experience.

Much needed book. For many years I had taken for granted the the interpretation and application of these Matthew passages but was impressed by the indepth and thoroughly biblical and historical presentation made in this book.

Mike Mahon

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The importance of his argument stems from the unnecessary guilt put upon many in unhealthy marriages. As a pastor for several years, Bordow has witnessed the devastating effects of women being married to abusive without being permitted divorce because the men did not officially transgress a commandment.


For me personally, a divorced Christian, I was encouraged. I believe this book will help others to become stronger and grow spiritually, especially if they have encountered prejudices, harsh treatment and hurtful words from others; yes, even from those in the church.

Deborah N.

Loved this book! Obviously, the author worked hard to research and include all references to divorce in scripture. He showed us God’s holiness, and His compassion. I believe this is the most comprehensive book regarding divorce that I have read. And to top it off, it was a pleasurable and easy read! I think every pastor and counselor needs to have this one!

J. Biggs